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How to Choose a Floor Tile Color?

Colors make our lives colorful. It can be a little bit tricky when it comes to picking colors for there are some factors that are needed to be considered. If not careful, you might end up making a mistake. Lucky for you, we have listed them here for you.

How to Choose a Floor Tile Color?

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Floor Tile

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    Furniture color

One of the most important factors to consider is the color of your furniture. For your home to be colorful and pleasing to your eyes, you need to get a color that matches or blends in with your furniture color nicely.

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    Room / Kitchen

Bright colored tiles basically suit everywhere. Bright Colored floor tiles reflect light which makes the rooms feel airy and lively.(especially in the areas accessible to many people) Kitchen: As you pick a tile that matches your furniture, you need to pick a tile color that matches your cabinets.

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You need to consider the color of the wall too. Make sure the color of the tile blends in with the color of the wall.

Friendly Tip: Grey tiles are best that gives your house an elegant look. If you love wood, you can go for the tiles which have wood finishes.

DIY Dog House - How To

Are you thinking about constructing a house for your lovely dog? Lucky for you, we have listed a simple procedure for you.

Friendly Tip: Grey tiles are best that gives your house an elegant look. If you love wood, you can go for the tiles which have wood finishes.


Create the Design for the kennel

Design the house and lay down the tools and pieces needed.


Cut out the pieces

Measure the pieces and then cut out the pieces carefully.


Build the House

Build the base of the kennel being a little bit elevated above the ground. The reason for this is to prevent water from getting inside in case there is rain.

Pro Tip

"After building the base, assemble the roof pieces together. Make sure the roof is not flat. This can trap water when it’s raining for it can destroy the roof. Assemble the side walls with the base and then attach the roof. You can decide to paint the kennel to have an impressive look.

Make sure the house is strong and big enough (according to your dog’s size) for your dog to be comfortable there inside. The main aim is to make your dog feel special and have a place he can call home right? Well, make his comfort your number priority. Tip: Make sure the location of your kennel does not flood when it has rained."

Neil Larson

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3 Types of Drapes that Best Fit your Home

It can be overwhelming when beautifying your house or window with a drape for there are so many options you can choose from. Luckily, we have listed three of them which are the best fit for your home.

1. Cubical Drapery

If you are looking for a drape that is more wallet-friendly, you should go for this one. It doesn't involve many properties. Only hook carriers attached from grommets which allow the cubicle curtain to slide easily on its track.

2. Goblet Drapery

This is a good option to consider if you only need the drape to beautify your house. The shape of Goblet Drapery is sophisticated but it gives the feeling of elegance in a house not mentioning adding beauty to your house especially the living room.

3. Inverted Pleat Drapery

This is a simple form of drape though with a nice appealing look. It shows humbleness yet some class in it. Honestly, the types of drapes are countless, all you need is to have a wild imagination that pleases your eyes and get into it. 

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