Moving Day!

November 22nd, 2010 by

When we first decided to purchase a letterpress we did our homework.  We compared the various antique manufacturers and models.  We explored technique, design process, operation and we fell in love, but we never really considered the complications with moving one.  This summer while visiting Stubley Knox Litho, a print shop established in Knoxville in the late 1800s, I inquired about the beautiful Chandler & Price letterpress machine hanging out in the back.  Like most print shops there were so many machines in their space that it was a bit overwhelming, but I could easily recognize a C&P.  It turned out that the press was no longer in operation but with a bit of cleaning up would still work just fine.  This was an exciting day indeed and we end up purchasing “Holland”  Since we are currently a home based business it took 3 months to figure out the logistics of actually moving it into Emily’s basement.  During this time we learned as much as we could about the supplies we needed to obtain and had a few practice lessons on how to operate our machine without injury.

We were now very anxious to move our new presses into place.  We are watching our pocketbooks so paying a mover really wasn’t an option, so with the help of an experienced lift truck operator and his truck we used teamwork to make it happen.  There were certainly a few scares throughout the afternoon but ultimately we were able to move both presses with relative ease.  My only hope is that Holland and the little proofing press will be happy and creative in their new home.  Please enjoy the timelapse video.