letterpress lovers unite

August 17th, 2011 by

Last weekend we took the scenic drive over to Asheville for the Ladies of Letterpress Conference. It was a great opportunity to be surrounded by fellow printers and designers of all experience levels.  As beginners it is important for us to be able to learn from others and not be afraid to ask questions.  We were inspired by each and every presenter and the quality of work we saw throughout the weekend.  Letterpress is a craft, pure and simple.  It touches all the senses. The ink and solvent have a distinct smell, a running press’s rhythmic chug and whirl sound like what I imagine most production industries did in the 19th century, and the tactility of a letterpress impression is like no other.  You can absorb the design by touch and closing your eyes is a great way to connect to the piece.  Printers now are able to use these obsolete machines in a modern way to create beautiful handcrafted works of art.  It was an honor to meet many of our mentors and make new friends and colleagues.  Emily & I were especially glad to have met Samantha of Hand Deliver Press. In addition to being present for the conference, two of our recently printed invitations were included in the display of work {bicycles & gray/yellow}.  We look forward to similar events in the future and are all geared up to keep on printing!!

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