Braille Notecards

September 15th, 2011 by

While experimenting with the possibilities on our platen press we have become quite fascinated with the ability to print without ink.  The combination of the type of thick cotton paper and the power of the press allows one to press a noticeable design into the paper.   Often this technique is called ‘blind letterpress’. Braille provides the ability to read through texture.  This written communication for those with vision impairments is a truly amazing concept. Through creative abstraction and the help of our press we were able to press the paper to reveal raised dots in the pattern of the corresponding phrases.  ‘oh happy day’ is a pressed phrase but is also printed in Braille.  At first the blind printing is not very visible but upon further investigation the design reveals itself through a visual and tactile sense. This ink-less note card is pressed on 110lb cotton stock with matching envelopes.

Every set of notecards includes 2 of each phrase {hello, xoxoxo, thank you, & oh happy day}  Send mail & help keep the postal service operational  – pick up your own here!

oh happy day

*photos by Dixie Pixel 



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