Architectural Letterpress Invitation

August 9th, 2012 by

Knox Heritage is a wonderful group in Knoxville whose mission it is to protect this area’s historic structures and educate the general public to the importance of preservation.

Each summer they have a fundraising campaign called the Summer Supper series. It is a number of dinners held at historic places all around the area.  In most cases they are located in a building that is not open to the public so it is a treat to be invited in.  Peter and I {Dianna} volunteered to help host the Summer Supper that was held last weekend.  A is for Architecture was the theme and it was held at a beautiful 1950’s A-frame home that was recently renovation in 2009.  The home is full of architectural detail and rich materials that attracted design lovers from all over town.

Fourth Year Studio worked with Brian Pittman to create the invitations.  Brian Pittman, the head architect on the renovation and addition, drew an elevation of the Week’s House and added architectural dimensions and key notes with all the relevant event info.  If you are unfamiliar with Brian’s work, it is amazing.  Not only is he a top notch designer he also draws these cathedrals by hand!!  We letterpress the invitations in two colors – red + black. A top fold created an A-frame card.  The event was a lot of fun and I am glad to have been part of it.

Photography By Erick



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