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January 14th, 2013 by

Happy New Year to you!!  We are having a hard time believing it is already 2013.  It was disappointing that we were unable to produce a calendar this year but our eyes are on 2014 to have a fresh one by then.  Here in Tennessee, we have had a bit of a warm streak.  I can hear the spring peepers (tiny frogs) starting to sing in the little pond near my home.  I am afraid they will be in for a rude awakening when winter decides to come back but today its warm and I am ready to think about spring.

Margaret and Matt wanted a traditional wedding set that was both modern and clean.  Sometimes this is hard to achieve a fresh look with traditional elements.   We paired an abstraction of their wedding flower, the hydrangea, on a grid of dots for a silhouetted outline.  The result was delicate with just the right balance of negative space.  The light blue balanced out the feminine floral design.  I love how the blue looks on the kraft vs the white.  It appears as though two shades of blue were used.

Their set included event cards for additional events happening that weekend.  It was all bound together with a kraft band printed M & M.  Labels were added for the RSVP and the exterior envelope.  This couple was on a tight budget and they were thrilled at what we were able to produce for them.  In order to save money we did not use our standard cotton paper and we left all the final assembly up to M & M.   It just goes to show that nice design and quality printing doesn’t have to break the bank but you do have to get creative.

Photos by Jessie at 5 Rings

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