7 Absolute Reasons You Need to Start Using Lightroom to Edit Your Photos


In today’s digital era, taking photographs involves more than just capturing with your camera. You need to edit your images. There are several fantastic software and applications you can use to edit your pictures. However, the best of them all is the Photoshop Lightroom.

Most Professional and executive image editors use Photoshop. They may not even know how to use Lightroom or even differentiate it from the Bridge. Still, as you learn more about Lightroom, you will realize that it is easier to edit images using the program than using Photoshop.

Read on, as the lightroom tutorial highlights six significant reasons why you should start using this software today.

1. Easy access to your Raw Images

One problem that has faced many editors is organizing all their media in a way that they can easily access the images they want to. Have you ever tried sorting through hundreds of images to find one that you needs editing? It is very cumbersome and frustrating sometimes. Lightroom, however, is made with a smart feature that enables you to access any raw image that requires editing quickly.


All the images in Lightroom are linked to a catalog file that record all the changes and edits you make on them with the photos still saved in the original folder. What better way to save on your computer’s processing power and storage space!

2. The Controls are Easy to Use

Lightroom, unlike most of the other editing software, uses straightforward editing controls made up of sliders. If you want to change the exposure on an image, use the slider till you feel comfortable with the result.

These sliders not only work on the whole image, but you can also use them to edit target areas on an image without affecting the entire image in general. Comparing it to Photoshop, the sliders make your editing work more comfortable as you can achieve your results faster with more confidence in the outcome of the end product.

3. You can Geotag images

Since its introduction in the Lightroom 4, you are now able to arrange your pictures depending on the location by using their geotag. This feature works with google maps. However, it is a prerequisite to have an internet connection for it to work.


If your camera saves GPS information on the images it takes, Lightroom automatically syncs the photos to their respective geo-location. Nonetheless, Lightroom has a very accommodating interface that allows you to manually geolocate the pictures by dragging them and placing them on the map.

4. You Can Copy and Paste image edits onto several images

Have you ever had to edit more than one image in the same way? It can become tiring, right? Well, Lightroom allows you to copy the changes you make on one image file to hundreds of images at one go. Using Lightroom saves you time allowing you to concentrate on other tasks

5. Performs Nondestructive Editing

Any other editing software you use will most probably make changes to the original image. However, Lightroom does not in any way tamper with the original image. So how does it work Lightroom creates a catalog on an image that requires editing.


Whenever you edit, the catalog registers the changes in real time. Once the results satisfy you, export the image file so that your edits can reflect on the image. Exporting creates a separate file from the original.

6. You can comparebefore editing and after editing

As an image editor, you have to be aware of the changes you make on your image. One cool Lightroom feature is the before and after views found in the develop module. Here, there are four different ways for you to view and compare your image to the original as you perform your edits.

7. You Can Make a Photobook

Creating a photo book is a fantastic way to showcase your edited works. Lightroom allows you to create photo books with the images found in the catalog. It is especially useful if you do not know how to use editing platforms like InDesign to create such a book.

You can as well have the photobook printed out as Lightroom leverages on the services of Blurb an online publishing platform.