7 Cool Things To Do With Your Partner At Home


Are you both at home and wondering how the long day or weekend will end? Being both at home may not be a usual event, so when the chance finally resurfaces, you should utilize it properly. There are so many ideas of things you should do with your partner at home that will cost you not a single penny.

Read More Here where we discuss some of the cool things you and your partner can indulge in at home;

1. Play board games.


Board games have never gone old. They still are an excellent way to spend time with your partner at home. You can choose between monopoly and balderdash. The fun in the board games will make the moment you have together just exciting.

2. Cooking.

Normally, it is one of you doing the cooking. Why don’t you do it together today? You can simply select a recipe that will require two hands to prepare. For example, you can decide to prepare a fruit cake together. The fun of doing it together and waiting to see the results of unity is just amazing.

3. Create a memory album.

Do you remember when you first met, the dinners you went to, the photos you took? Create an album of the photos, the receipts, movie tickets, etc. together. This reminds you where the journey all started.

4. Video game challenge.

There are so many video games you can choose from. If you are not a fan of the video games, show some interest and let your partner teach you how to play it, then you can challenge each other with the little knowledge or skill you get.

5. Strip poker.


You probably just hear about strip poker from your friends. Break the monotony and try it out. You can do some research on how to play it. Strip poker also welcomes the “mood” in the room.

6. Massage night.

You are probably used to going for a professional massage at the parlor. You can actually buy some massage oil and massage each other. This is not only sensual, but it helps you two enjoy a romantic moment.

7. Work on a puzzle.

Puzzles are yet another great way to spend your day at home with your partner. Most puzzles require a lot of thinking and research. You can both bring your heads together to see how far you can go.For more info see here.

The above are just some of the cool ways you and your partner can engage in at home and enjoy each other’s company.