Best Home Improvements that Add Value


Having a home is a dream come true to every homeowner. However, many are the times when you visit your friend or find mind-blowing home images on the internet. When that happens, you realize that your home is not having the glory it should have and the only thing that comes to your mind is to sell it and build a better one. Well, that sounds like a good idea but if you realize that your house isn’t in its best form, buyers will find the same too and won’t buy it or if they do, they will buy at a throw-away price.

Because you are reading this article, we will give you ideas on how you can improve your home and find happiness living in it, and when the time comes to sell it, these ideas will definitely add value.

1. Spruce up the bathroom

When you considered buying a house, chances are that you went directly to the bathroom first to see how it is. Similarly, when you want to sell it, the client will be concerned in examining the condition of your bathroom. Therefore, spruce up your bathroom and bring it into the 21st century to create a high degree of functionality.




You don’t have to gut it and start over as you can easily add new fixtures, fresh paint, lighting fixtures, and also add exhaust fans. Also, you can consider replacing worn out tiles and give your bathroom a fresh, new look.

2. New flooring

Many people consider having a carpet in their homes and therefore, they ignore the flooring factor. Well, a carpet is a great investment as well, but it’s worth remembering that when the time comes to sell your house, the carpet won’t be there. Therefore, considering new flooring will add value to your home.

With so many available flooring options available, consider hardwoods and tile floors as they are easy to clean, add a level of warmth, and do not hold dirt and dust hence ideal for people suffering from allergy.

3. Window treatments

Regardless of how seriously important window treatments are in a room, it’s so surprising that they are often overlooked. Window treatments can be purely décor, functional or you can go a mile higher and strike a balance between the two based on the available space and the amount of natural light you want to have.


There are many window treatment options that can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your home, and whether its Roman shades, flowing drapes, or simple shutters, there are definitely custom designed window treatments for every homeowner.

4. Consider a smart home

With the technology at its best, every homebuyer is looking to buy nothing but a smart home. If you are still living in the dark, it’s high time you add improvements to your home that will leave buyers with no option but to buy your home and find it worth living in.

Add video camera, dimmers, lighting, outlets, security systems, heating and cooling, and switches that are compatible with a virtual assistant or your Smartphone.

5. Replace the roof

Without a shadow of a doubt, people get the first impression of your home by the condition of your roof. If you want to find happiness in your home or passersby to stop by and admire your home, consider replacing your roof especially if it’s more than 20 years old. The roof doesn’t have to leak in order to replace it, as new roof adds value to your home. There are various energy-efficient roof choices to consider not forgetting the white metal roof that ensures you stay in a cool condition.

Bottom line

When buying or building a house, it’s recommendable to keep in mind that it will be your home for the next unknown years. Therefore, make it something that will give you happiness to live in. Most importantly, you may consider selling it so ensure you consider the above improvements that will add its value.