modern laser cut invitations

July 29th, 2014 by

Beth and Susan came to us in search of a modern invitation set to compliment their unique relationship.   They have been together for many years and are now able to get married.  It was a true celebration of their love and we were thrilled for the opportunity to help spread the word with their friends and family.  A laser cut scroll style invitation was backed with a walnut veneer.  Along the top a single stitch provided a spot for a dowel to pass through so it could be flattened and hung.   The RSVP was letterpress in green with a simple linked rings design.   We laser cut walnut veneer for lining the  RSVP envelope.  A wooden laser etched coaster invited guests to both the rehearsal dinner and the morning after brunch. The scroll was rolled and tied with a tag before it was all packaged inside kraft box with a matching label.
beth susan sm 01 beth susan larger 02 beth susan sm 03 beth susan sm 04 beth susan larger beth susan sm 05 beth susan sm 07 beth susan sm 08

letterpress llama invitations

July 22nd, 2014 by

Jen Lin and Lawrence were married in California.  Llamas in love where an important element in their invitation design, as they had llamas at their wedding.  Jen’s cousin provided the illustrations for us to incorporate throughout the set.  Gray and yellow graced the letterpress RSVP card.  The invitation was printed on wood, and a vellum map wrapped it all together!

jen lin sm 01 jen lin sm 02 jen lin sm 03 jen lin sm 04 jen lin sm 05


Photography | Julie Roberts.

Peter’s top secret birthday invitations

July 15th, 2014 by

When planning Peter’s surprise party I knew I wanted to send out physical invitations.  It was important to me for the event to be a surprise and I couldn’t risk e-vites, emails, or texting ruining it.  TOP SECRET was letterpress in silver on a black cover.  Inside a thick 220lb fluorescent white card was blind printed with a deep impression. It was mailed in a bright yellow envelope.  It set the tone perfectly. The best part – the party was actually a surprise!! Happy 30th to my dear husband, Peter!

peter bday 01 peter bday 02 peter bday 03 peter bday 04 peter bday 05

rocky mountain invitations

July 9th, 2014 by

Eric and Amy were married mountain top in Keystone, Colorado in July. Their invitations were elegant and a bit rustic. The front of the main invitation was blind printed with a hand-drawn design to accent the silver and gold text.  We used the same hand-drawn design printed in gold on the back. Gold edge printing and a coral ribbon finished up the set.

eric amy sm 01 eric amy sm 03 eric amy sm 02 eric amy sm 04 eric amy sm 05 eric amy sm 06 eric amy sm 07 eric amy sm 08

Photography | Julie Roberts

summer vineyard photo shoot

July 7th, 2014 by

It was a rainy day in July at the beautiful Pleasant Hill Vineyard in Maryville, Tennessee. Julie Roberts and a team of fabulous vendors worked together to create a lush, lovely set for this pretty photo shoot. The invitations were printed on thick kraft and connected together to create a three panel set. A frayed strip of fabric wrapped the invitation and held a sprig of dried rosemary in place. We used a fabric wine bottle wrap as the menu, this way just a couple could be used per table. As place-cards each guest’s name was on a fabric band that was tied around a peach. This added texture and color to each place setting.

vineyards sm 06 vineyard sm 01 vineyard sm 02 vineyard sm 10 vineyards sm 03 vineyards sm 04 vineyards sm 05

vineyards sm 07

vineyards sm 08

vineyards sm 09

Photography | Julie Roberts

Shoot Design | Jennifer Laraia


glamorous gold foil & letterpress

October 8th, 2013 by

Our first conversation with Adrienne was over a cocktail while imagery of a glamorous ceremony and sparkly reception, like something from the Great Gatsby, filled our heads. Her fondness of the Art Deco era style served as the spring board for our design. We worked with a local printer to print gold foil on 220lb cotton paper. We could not be more thrilled with the way the gold turned out!!! We print all of our letterpress work in house but it was fun to outsource this part of the job and watch the masters at Widby Printing print the gold foil. A roll of metallic foil runs through the press and leaves the design’s inverse behind. Well, it was just too beautiful to throw away so I kept it – as seen in the 3rd photo down. We gifted the metal plate used for the printing to Adrienne and Will as a memento. The simple geometric design in shimmering gold was just perfect. The RSVP card was letterpress with black on 110lb cotton paper with a black envelope. The set was wrapped with a black cover and tied together with thin gold string. The thin string created a structured design on the front. A gold envelope with printed addresses was the delightful vessel for the set. Adrienne is a beautiful person inside and out & we are thrilled for her and Will!

Photography by Julie Roberts

adrienne and will 01 adrienne and will 02 adrienne and will 03 adrienne and will 04 adrienne and will 05 adrienne and will 06 adrienne and will 07

classic calligraphy invitations

June 17th, 2013 by

Claire & Micheal have a fabulous sense of style. They worked with Jennifer Laraia to bring their vision to life, and what a magical day it was! The invitations feature Feast Calligraphy The palate was soft tones of peach and grey with a touch of gold. We used pearl white 220lb cotton stock for the invitation and edge painted in gold. The RSVP was one color with a grey printed envelope. This was a weekend of events so we needed a clever way to invite guests to both the cocktail party Friday evening and the breakfast on Sunday without adding several additional pieces. We printed a ‘Let’s Celebrate’ card with a small vellum envelope attached.  Inside the envelope was a small card/coaster printed on each side with the details of the events. Lace and a gold seal wrapped the set together. A collection of vintage stamps and calligraphied envelopes made this one exciting package to receive in the mail and we think it was a wonderful prelude to the wedding itself.  Doesn’t it all just look stunning!

Photography courtesy Watson Studios – see all the wedding photos here.

metallic letterpress invitations

February 11th, 2013 by

Bettina is a good friend of mine.  She catered my wedding with LUXE and since then has started the Sweetery.  She has phenomenal style and I was thrilled to find out she was planning a wedding of her own.  Bettina and David got married just before New Years Eve on the 29th at the Knoxville Museum of Art.  The venue was perfect for a sparkly winter wedding.  All the decor was white with touches of gold and silver throughout.  On our first design meeting it was expressed for the invitations to be white – all white.  Yippee!!  Letterpress on 220lb cotton paper is the perfect way to achieve the all white – no ink invitation. A silver stripe washi tape accented the invitation.   We used gold on the RSVP and envelope.  Bettina and David had been together for a number of years and had quite a story of their relationship.  Their story was printed on vellum and wrapped all the pieces together.  It was finished up with a gold elastic tie.

To see the wedding in its entirety check it out on Dixie Pixel’s site.  So much loveliness in one place!!

floral pattern invitations for M&M

January 14th, 2013 by

Happy New Year to you!!  We are having a hard time believing it is already 2013.  It was disappointing that we were unable to produce a calendar this year but our eyes are on 2014 to have a fresh one by then.  Here in Tennessee, we have had a bit of a warm streak.  I can hear the spring peepers (tiny frogs) starting to sing in the little pond near my home.  I am afraid they will be in for a rude awakening when winter decides to come back but today its warm and I am ready to think about spring.

Margaret and Matt wanted a traditional wedding set that was both modern and clean.  Sometimes this is hard to achieve a fresh look with traditional elements.   We paired an abstraction of their wedding flower, the hydrangea, on a grid of dots for a silhouetted outline.  The result was delicate with just the right balance of negative space.  The light blue balanced out the feminine floral design.  I love how the blue looks on the kraft vs the white.  It appears as though two shades of blue were used.

Their set included event cards for additional events happening that weekend.  It was all bound together with a kraft band printed M & M.  Labels were added for the RSVP and the exterior envelope.  This couple was on a tight budget and they were thrilled at what we were able to produce for them.  In order to save money we did not use our standard cotton paper and we left all the final assembly up to M & M.   It just goes to show that nice design and quality printing doesn’t have to break the bank but you do have to get creative.

Photos by Jessie at 5 Rings

German / English Christmas postcards

December 20th, 2012 by

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we have been busy getting ready for the holidays with custom letterpress cards for all!!  Maxi and Seth asked us to create a Christmas card to send to their family in Germany and in English to send to all their local pals.   The two versions were printed front and back on 220lb cotton stock with the Christmas message on the back and a simple red pinecone on the front.  To add a little festive flair the edges were painted gold.  Red & Gold are the perfect classic Christmas combo!  The end of every year leaves us reflecting on all the beautiful things we have had the opportunity to create and the great clients we have been able to work with.  From our family to yours, Emily & I wish you all the best this holiday season.  Thank you for supporting us in 2012, we can’t wait to see what is in store for the coming year.

Photos by Fourth Year Studio

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