Is Hurricane Proof Glass Bullet Proof?

For people who live in Miami understand the kind of storms and hurricanes they experience, for that reason they have invested in hurricanes proof windows to offer protection against the heavy storms. During storms, there is always strong wind of over 160 mph which carries debris that a normal window cannot withstand, and hence there […]

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The Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise


Mental illness contributes to about 13% of the world’s burden of diseases. According to experts, people diagnosed with mental illnesses usually experience significant disability and distress which leads to loss of productivity and work participation. Fortunately, physical activity is one of the strategies recommended for people with mental illness and over the last few years, […]

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Best Home Improvements that Add Value


Having a home is a dream come true to every homeowner. However, many are the times when you visit your friend or find mind-blowing home images on the internet. When that happens, you realize that your home is not having the glory it should have and the only thing that comes to your mind is […]

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6 Great Photography Blogs You Should Be Reading

With the digital ear ushering in the need to visual content, photography business has become a thriving, yet competitive industry. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned photographer looking to build their own photography business, you will have to keep pace with the rapidly changing trends and new technologies coming out every time in […]

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