Calendars for Baby Tyson

January 11th, 2012 by

First off we want to say how very thankful we are for our success and growth in the past year.  A BIG thank you goes out to our great friends, family, clients and community for your support in 2011. Now lets get this new year off to a great start with a fundraiser for a truly remarkable baby boy!

Meg Wohlford is a fellow UT School of Architecute graduate and a good friend. Emily & I followed her blog throughout her pregnancy and were so happy when it was time for her and her husband to welcome their new son into the world.  Baby Tyson was born in August with a congenital heart defect called Shone’s Complex that affects his heart, the valves, chambers and ultimately the way his entire body functions.  His parents have been by his side at Vanderbilt for the past 4 months. It has been rocky but he’s proved to be strong through numerous surgeries and he actually got to go home for the first time at Christmas!!

Baby Tyson will be in and out of the hospital for many procedures to help him develop into a happy and healthy child.  This will be a challenge emotionally and financially for the Wohlford family. We are hoping 2012 will be a great year for Tyson, Meg, & Justin and to offer our support we are kicking off a fundraiser through the sale of our Letterpress Calendars.  When you purchase a letterpress calendar through etsy 50% of the sale will go directly to the Wohlford family!!  

To learn more about Tyson’s story visit his site & follow him on facebook. Find out more about Meg & Justin prior to Tyson’s big debut here.


blog love & black friday sale

November 21st, 2011 by


Making the decision to print our first calendar was a big project. After we started printing each page we became a little overwhelmed at the complexity of our design. Luckily it all turned out beautifully and we are so happy other folks like them too! Click on the banners above to see our quilt pattern letterpress calendar featured by some of our most favorite bloggers. We were also quite thrilled to receive a shout out on facebook by Design*Sponge.

If it turns out that you like our calendars too but have been waiting for a good reason to purchase one then you are in luck! We are offering 15% off all our etsy shop sales on Black Friday. Sale starts at midnight. After you add items to your cart just apply this coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2011. We will be spending time with our families and hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend – safe travels!

2012 letterpress calendar

November 8th, 2011 by

Our 2012 calendar is hot off the press – check them out here.

We have been thinking for quite some time about the design of our first letterpress calendar. It was important to us to have a concept that allowed us to be creative within set boundaries.  We wanted to create a geometric patterned piece with overlapping color that tied us to our southern roots.  The quilt pattern theme is an ode to craftsmanship and the art of using what you have to produce something functional and beautiful.   This was our assignment and we each drew patterns on our drafting boards. We layered the colors with tracing paper and had a pin up to select our favorite designs.  It was very much like architecture school, but a little more loose.

This was our biggest printing project thus far.  We used a 3 color scheme throughout the calendar – 2 colors on each month of the year.  The overlapping color provides depth to each design and gives the illusion of a 3 color print.

The best part is that it is designed to be two items in one – calendar & 12 notecards! The patterned portion of the calendar is perforated so it can be easily detatched and used as a card after the month has passed and each calendar comes with 12 kraft envelopes.  Each page has been printed on 100% tree-free cotton paper by hand with the help of Holland, our C&P press.  If you need to send a birthday note to a good friend you can separate the card, write a note on the back, and pop it into one of the provided kraft envelopes.  This way you can enjoy the design & share it with someone you love.

We were unsure the best way to bind the calendars so we decided to offer two options – coil bound & fabric tied.  The fabric strip really goes with the quilted look but I tend to prefer the clean structured coil bound version.

Since holiday season is nearly upon us it would be a great time to snatch some up for handmade gifts.

*photos by Dixie Pixel