Enchanting Small Living Room: Decor Tweaks For Instant Makeover

living room

Small living rooms might seem unmanageable for some, but they can have some advantages, too. For example, they definitely feel cozier and more intimate, and after some time, it becomes much easier to keep it clean and tidy, considering there’s not enough space that you need to worry about Yet, there are some tweaks that can help you make your living room seem bigger, brighter and more elegant, so read on to find out how to make it happen:

1. Natural light is the key


You can have the fanciest furniture but without natural light around, your living room may be empty as well. So make sure to have big windows with firm sash and quality glass so you’ll be able to have a plenty of natural light during the day. Also, when picking curtains, try to focus on choosing light and airy ones, so they won’t stop the light from coming in. In case your living room is in a place where there’s no natural light around, get some mirrors, so they’ll reflect the light that’s already there. Similarly, you should ensure the most functional lighting there is so your living room will be well-lit during the evening hours. Play with different types of lamps and if necessary, get a pendant light and then combine it with one er two smaller lamps.

2. Use different wall paints

Painting your walls can be more fun than it seems, especially if you decide to mix up some colors. Small living rooms need all the help in order to look elegant, so choosing two different wall paints can add a lot of character to the existing space. Just make sure to choose colors that are complementary, and if you want to play with contrasting tones, make sure to talk to a professional who’ll help you choose best colors that go well together, even if they’re different. 

If you want to make your room seem bigger, then focus on neutral and light tones that can visually enlarge the room and reflect the natural light throughout the day.

3. Be careful when picking furniture

Some furniture can look so enticing when it’s elegantly displayed in the store, but before you decide to make a final purchase, make sure to get all the necessary information so you’ll know that the furniture item is the right one for your living room. Choosing elegant stylish pieces can look great, but always remember to always prioritize your comfort. There are modular and flexible couches that are also luxurious and well-made, so choosing something based on your needs shouldn’t be difficult. If you prefer massive furniture pieces, then make sure to place it somewhere where it will look compact with the rest of the furnishings. 


4. Don’t forget the greens


In case you don’t have enough space to add other decor pieces, then add various potted plants because, honestly, plants make everything better and can be very beneficial to your well-being. If you’re already struggling with finding enough place as it is, you can add smaller plants of succulents on the window sill or get a simple shelf where you’ll place your greens. You can combine different plants, but if you’re new to keeping them, choose those that are easy to maintain. 


To conclude, living in a small place doesn’t mean you can’t redecorate it to appear bigger and be elegant and modern. Just keep in mind to add enough details so you won’t end up with empty corners, and when placing furniture and decoration items, make sure they’re all matched well, so your living room will be complete and balanced.