How Do You Clean Up Motor Oil Spill?


It is usually very normal for motor oil to spill around your garage the more you use your car. Not unless your car is very old, this happens gradually. An old car will spill oil all over your garage in a very short time. These oils may make your garage floor look filthy.

So to avoid this, you should act quickly the moment you realize there are spills because the stains caused may become tough to handle.

To clean up motor spills, you can use the following expert tips;

Absorb the oil stain.


There are various material used to absorb the oil. Some of the most common absorbents are clay kitty litter, sawdust, coconut husks, or SpillFix natural absorbents. All you have to do is sprinkle them on the oil spill and leave the absorbents to work on the motor oil spills for 24-48 hours and sweep them away using a dustpan or broom.If you still soot some motor oil remaining, you can repeat the process with fresh absorbents.

Saturate the oil stain.

If the motor oil stains remain, you can saturate and clean the area using any of the following materials;

-Water and liquid dish soap.
-Paste from mineral spirits mixed with any oil absorbent used above, acetone or lacquer thinner

Allow any of the cleaning solutions you choose or is available to sit on the stained area for at least an hour.

Scrub the motor oil stain.

Cleaning oil

Use a wire brush to now scrub the floor properly. Remember you are using the cleaning solutions to help you scrub the floor better. You will also have to use elbow grease to do away with the motor oil spill completely.If you are unable to clean the spill by yourself, you can seek expert help from a reliable drain cleaning company.