How Long Does It Take To Clean Up A Crime Scene


Crime scene cleanup is a term that refers to the forensic cleanup of bodily fluids, blood and other potentially infectious materials. Some of the incidents that require this type of clean up include suicide, accidents, homicides, mass trauma, decomposition after an unattended death, infectious disease contamination and industrial accidents.

It aims at safer assessment, cleaning, detoxification and sanitizing contaminated crime scenes to help the victims begin the journey to recovery. Here s a look at how long it takes to clean up a crime scene.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The time it takes for crime scene cleaners to clean up the scene depends on several factors. One of the significant factors is the size of the crime scene. A minor or mild crime scene process of clean up can take about four to ten hours. This will depend on the techniques and procedures used.

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However, crime scene cleaning can take up to forty-eight hours, especially in messy and severe scenarios. The extent of work needed for a crime scene cleanup will differ from one case to another.

Will They Be Safe After the Cleanup?

The primary priority for crime scene cleaning is restoring the scene to its natural state fully. The cleanup process removes all the biohazard materials, odours and all the visible stains making it safer to enter.

There many available crime scene cleaning companies. Most of these companies will assess the scene and provide the client with a full action plan expecting the timeline when you should expect the work to be complete. They also keep you informed in each of the cleaning process steps.



It can be very stressful to discover a trauma or crime scene on your property involving death or severe injury. However, crime scene cleans up services will help to give some peace of mind and help begin the recovery process.