Interesting Collections and Collecting Ideas


If you’ve been waiting for ages for the right moment to start collecting something, there’s no better moment than right now. However, if your interests are all over the place and you can’t make up your mind on what to start collecting, here are a few best ideas that will certainly look interesting in your home (and even make you profit in the future). 

Vinyl records

Vinyl is having a real renaissance. So many music aficionados are ditching CDs and other modern ways of enjoying music and going back to the roots which makes records a perfect thing to collect. Some pieces can be worth a lot of money while others might be worth only what you paid for, but since you can actually listen to your records, you’ll always profit. Make sure to properly store and handle your collection regardless of the pieces you own—you never know which record will suddenly spike in value. 


Comic books have been one of the most popular things to collect ever since the early 40s and 50s when Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and Captain Marvel were introduced. But, since they sold so much, the condition of your collection will be the main factor when deciding the value. Even the minor defect can make a difference between a valuable and worthless piece, so sticky hands off! 


Toys and action figures

If you’re into comic book characters yet not into comic books themselves, you can consider collecting action figures or Funko pop toys. The best thing about these is that they are super cute, easy to display and store and are suitable for both kids and adults. Also, Funko pop vinyl works with Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and many other universes, you can find basically anything that sparks your interest. You can aim to collect an entire character list of one show or comic book or collect different versions of one character—the choice is yours! 

Vintage fashion

In today’s fashion climate, vintage finds make great collector pieces. If you’ve always had an eye for design and fashion, you can dig out many amazing finds in thrift stores and flea markets and create a valuable collection. Experienced collectors recommend going for unusual pieces you like—these are usually worth the most for you and the other collectors. 



If you check out the value of a good collection, you can see that they can be very valuable. You can check out your piggy bank and see if you have any collectable coins. While it’s rare to come across something valuable out of the blue unless you invest in collectable pieces, if you do have that luck, make sure to get it appraised and store it carefully. 


This might seem like an outdated pastime, but there are still many collectors out there. Actually, stamp collectors are the most numerous group of collectors in the world! This hobby combines art with history and culture and it can be quite educational if you collect stamps from different parts of the world. 


We all know wine gets better with age—that’s why some people choose to collect it and keep in in their cellars for years. With wines, proper storing is key to both the taste and value of your collection. Some wines can go for thousands and full collections can be worth more than an average house! Make sure to do your homework before you choose what wines to keep in your cellar


In reality, everything can be collected, but these are just some of the most common things that people love and cherish. If you dedicate enough time and care to your collection, you can even end up with true treasure on your shelves!