Megan and Alan are two talented young designers.  They were so thoughtful in planning every detail of their wedding.  Inspiration came from clothing designs, texture, and layering.  The event was modern, clean, and beautiful, with traditional undertones.  We used a simple palette of black and white with layers and layers of complimentary textures.  After receiving the perfectly addressed calligraphy envelope with custom stamps the receiver will pull out a package wrapped in tulle.   As the vellum overlay is removed it offers a reveal of Megan and Alan's names blind letterpressed with a deep relief into the 220lb cotton stock.  A series of bars are pressed to accentuate the black text and add a layer of texture.  A map of the wedding location illustrates the river and venues blind pressed over the black printed city streets.  The final piece is the rsvp pocket and reply card.  It was important to house the smaller rsvp card and envelope without losing the feel and proportion of the set.

{ invitation. fabric. letterpress. architectural. map. }

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