Trendy Office Spaces Design for New Age Employees


An office space isn’t just a place to do day to day work; it’s also a way to reflect what your company is and what it stands for. It’s a big part of creating a corporate culture for both the employees and the clients and customers.

That’s why innovative and new companies need to have trendy offices to serve as shorthand for conveying their mission and overall goals for the market. This could be done without jeopardizing the main purpose of the office – a place for doing business. 

Open floor plans

Open floor plan offices are a trend that’s been going strong for years now and there are many reasons for it. Not having any offices or any separate space for the higher ups and managers, sends a strong message about a company being a team where everyone is equal and treated the same. 

It also helps create a workflow that’s free and informal since everyone can just walk up to a person’s desks and ask a question or ask for advice. Have in mind that not everyone is thrilled with this lack of privacy and that you should consult your workers first.


Green offices

An office needs to be careful about the role it plays in the society and how it affects the community in which it’s based. This is most noticeable in terms of how the office handles using energy and handling waste. A green office, meaning the one that cares about the environment, is in a way a statement about the business itself.

Putting in place the systems that cut down on energy waste and that recycle, has an additional advantage that it will make your office less wasteful and thus less costly in the long run.

Going vertical

Minimalistic offices look nice and rather neat and organized, but they rarely account for day to day needs of an office. One of these is the need for storage space that becomes noticeable as soon as there isn’t enough of it. 

One of the ways of accomplishing that is to use vertical storage solutions. These will use as little of your office space as possible, while remaining tidy and easy to organize and change when needed. Doing so allows you to keep the actual working areas as minimalistic and as slick as you planned them to be.


Break rooms

Break rooms are also an essential part of modern offices and you should put a lot of thought into creating them. It’s best if the employees themselves take part in designing and updating these rooms since they will be the ones using them the most and they need to choose the activities used to take a break.

Many decide to let go of the break rooms and instead designate a small office garden as a break room. Again, this is a decision that needs to be made based on what kind of employees you have and what their preferences are.


Modern office design isn’t just to help your employees work in the best possible conditions, it’s also about showcasing your business and how it sees itself. This can be something as simple as using vertical shelving to free up more space or it can be a long-term commitment such as setting up a green office.

It’s also a useful idea to bring in the employee into the decision process when it comes to design. This is especially true for designing break rooms, since they mean so much for mitigating work-related stress and creating a sense of camaraderie in the office.