What You Need To Know About Impact-Resistant Windows


If you live in a home where hurricanes are common, you should be prepared and if you want to be safe, take necessary precautions to prepare your beautiful and expensive windows to resist the flying debris and damaging winds associated with hurricanes. The news of hurricane season spread like wildfire especially across the most vulnerable areas and many people start to nail plywood over their windows for protection.

Well, plywood can do wonders as long as window protection is concerned, but if you install impact-resistant windows, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Here is everything you need to know about impact windows.

Impact resistant window frames available

Just like any other standard window, impact resistant windows are no exception and come in different frames such as steel, aluminum, wood, or vinyl. Many people prefer steel or aluminum frames but they are expensive and require regular maintenance. Vinyl-framed windows are pocket-friendly and provide good insulation value.

Resistant Windows

However, they are hard to recycle. Wood framed windows provide an exceptional insulating value but they can be expensive especially because they require regular painting. Regardless of which frame you want, Signature Impact Windows and Doors Miami is there to protect and safeguard your home against the unpredictable and will install your preferred windows without sacrificing quality.

Styles available

Impact resistant windows are available in different design styles from horizontal roller windows to single hung windows and projected/casement windows to picture and architectural windows.

They are also available in different designs such as Brittany and colonial styles. These different styles and designs ensure that you make a perfect choice based on your home’s exterior and interior.

Features to look for

Buying impact-resistant windows can be overwhelming but because you’re reading this article, we have made things for you and you should look for the following features; hi-performance low-E sections, heat reducing glass tints, and laminated insulating glass. These features protect your artwork/furnishing from fading and reduce energy bills.


Many people associate impact resistant windows with increased cost. Technically, installation of hurricane-resistant windows is a bit expensive but the protection they provide during the storm season is worth it.


In fact, these windows are a lifesaver because they protect your loved ones and your precious stuff from damage meaning that they save a lot. Interestingly, investing in hurricane resistant windows helps you to qualify for discounted insurance rates given to homeowners.

Advantages of impact resistant windows

You can hardly find a glass that is completely break-proof. However, it’s worth understanding that impact-resistant windows break in such a way that the cracks will not send out flying shards of glass. Here are some of the advantages of impact-resistant windows that will convince you to invest in them.

• Free of flying shards of glass
• Can resists wind of up to 200 mph
• Come in different sizes and styles that help you choose depending on your preferences
• Offer insulation against sound
• Can reduce your insurance cost by nearly 45%
• Excellent in blocking transmitted ultraviolet light


• Very expensive
• Visibility can be reduced especially on some thick glass
• Will add you unnecessary cost especially if you live in areas that expect severe storms

Final thoughts

If you live in coastal regions, you’ve probably been preparing for hurricane seasons more times than you can recall. In most cases, people tend to pack their precious things and head out of town to a safer place until the season passes. With that in mind, it’s important to invest in impact-resistant windows and protect your investment and family. These windows come in unique designs that add elegance to your home and at the same time withstand extreme wind pressure and impact.