5 Great Family Bonding Activities


Family bonding has become almost impossible, especially with so much going on in our lives. In a typical home, everyone seems to be doing their own businesses. Parents face busy work lives and when they’re out of work, chores are waiting for them at home. Kids concentrate a lot on their schoolwork and friends. All these can prevent family bonding from happening.

However, it’s vital to remember that bonding moments are crucial for both parents and kids. They create an avenue for open communication which strengthens family relationships and builds up social skills.

Here are 5 great family bonding activities.

Go on a Picnic

Spending time together as a family and bonding can be as simple as going out on a picnic. And, it doesn’t have to be out of town. You can just go to the local park and have a picnic.


This is cheaper than traveling to out of town vacation destinations because all you have to do is lay down a blanket and enjoy the sun. While outdoors, you can play various games such as flying a kite, board games, and other activities. Don’t forget to carry some snacks just in case someone gets hungry.

Cook Together

This is another activity that families can enjoy together and have a good time. As parents, we are the ones who prepare foods for our young ones. We spend time in the kitchen and once the food is ready, we call our kids to come down and eat.

If you want a bonding time, change that. Have everyone participate in the cooking, whether it’s grating the carrots or cutting the tomatoes.

Show your kids some recipes to try out and you can prepare something like pizza. The dad can also show his unique set of cooking skills. As everyone participates, you will bond and have an enjoyable time.

Have Dinner or Breakfast Together

If you all take breakfast or dinner separately, choose a day and let everyone be at the table during breakfast or dinner. You can even let your boss know that you’ll be late for work.


While at the table, let everyone talk about their experiences and how life is taking them. Everyone should speak out their problems so that you can get solutions. It’s through these meals that you can talk, laugh, speak out, have fun, and bond.

Arts and Crafts Activities

Children love creating stuff with their parents. During weekends, make time so that you can help your kids make the complicated stuff.

Some items you may need are molding clay, coloring books, etc. The kids can say what they want to make during the art and craft session so that you can bring the supplies needed.


The community needs us in lots of ways. Whether it’s collecting litter, a charity walk or helping the needy, take your kids with you. You’ll have an amazing time as you conduct the volunteering activities and also, you get time to educate them on the importance of volunteering.

If you have some time off, there is no better way than to spend it with your loved ones. The above activities are fun, and they’ll cost you next to nothing.