5 Most Popular Joggers


Sweatpants used to be exclusively a home attire and most importantly, a sleeping attire. However, with time, people have grown to accept that these are designer clothing that looks good on you. You no longer need to stay confined around your home environs while it’s on a weekend. You can fit in your joggers’ pants and say hello to a couple of friends.

In this article, I shed light on the five most popular joggers that you can try on. They feature the most recent designs, making them comfortable to walk with. Unlike in the past where they had large, wide and loose extensions making you look wasted; today’s attires have revolutionized. Have a look at the best fits below.

1. J. Crew Cotton Jogger Pants

These sweatpants come with a boost to your esteem. Unlike many sweatpants, they have a zipper and a button at the front and are cozy looking for a public appearance.

They feature a denim appearance making them convenient to wear for a movie night, collecting groceries and much more activities.

2. Crew Stadium Jogger Pants

They feature a chinos fabric which comes in varying colors. You can get a grey, brown, green or a navy fit. Even though they are not as thick as most sweatpants, they are ideal for you. You feel relaxed as you rock them to different places of interest.

3. Levi’s Chino Jogger Pants

They are available in myriads of colors. They also have a zipper and a button. You get too comfortable in them since they have side pockets to slope your hands. Levi’s jogger pants feature a chino like make. It is an advancement of the traditional Levi pants, making their cuffs stretchy for a relaxed feel.

4. J. Crew Cargo Jogger Pants

It is yet another brand from the J. Crew Cargo listings. The pants feature a combination of cargo pants, sweatpants and chino make. The fabric used is cotton and linen.


The pants feature a button, zipper, and drawstrings. Also, there are cargo pockets seamed at the side of each leg.

The pockets are big enough for a bulky loading. When you put them on, the cuffs hem will appear at the top of your ankle. It is a good thing since you can put on an anklet and even boast with your sneakers.

5. Koto Awesome DeckHand Jogger Pants

It is a Koto brand which will go well with urban life. There are available in olive and black. They are a perfect fit for a weekend out, a night out, dropping errands and even for lunch dates.


Joggers are the best trending trousers for both men and women. You can clad in them for various functions. They are comfy and they bring out the athlete look in you. Also, you feel young and energetic while on these pants. The drawing strings make them stylish hence you can decide on baggy wear since you know you can fasten it around the waist to fit you. Different shapes, designs are available. Grab a pair today to experience flexibility and comfort you never thought existed.