Best Mold Cleaning Companies in South Florida

Mold Inspector

Mold is a type of fungus that forms in humid and moist environments including crawlspaces, walls and other damp areas in our homes. They can be caused by floods, spills and even condensation in buildings. Molds are highly toxic and cause danger to human health including respiratory disorders, sneezing and coughing among others.

It is essential to take note that prevention is better than cure. If mold is not removed in time, it can spread quickly and cause structural damage to the buildings leading to a massive loss.

In case a home is infested by molds, you can conduct a mold removal company to help solve this problem. Here are some of the companies well known to offer this service in South Florida.

1.Mr. Mold Company

It is one of the most reliable companies in mold removal services with highly skilled workers who provide quality services to help your home bring back its initial glow. Some of its services include mold assessment whereby the inspection of the affected area is done to identify the suitable methods to clean the mold.


They pick samples and send to a specialized laboratory for identification before the work commences.
They then do mold remediation, where they try to contain the mold in the affected areas, thus preventing its spread to the unaffected areas. To make sure they have done a perfect job and cleared all mold, they carry out a final test to ascertain total removal of the toxin in your house.

2.Miami Mold Specialist

This company offers super mold checking techniques to identify the primary cause of mold infestation in your home. They identify areas of entry of moisture and areas affected then work to remove them and reinstate a perfect and healthy surrounding suitable for humans.

Apart from clearing the mold in affected areas, this team also prevents spread of the toxins to new places and also ensure the problem does not recur in future.

Once they assess the situation of the mold, they immediately begin the mold removal process with their high experience and expertise in this sector.Besides cleaning their main objectives is to help you know more about the mold problems including its causes and prevention.

3.Advanced MicroClean

This is a Mold Cleaning Company in South Florida based in Fort Lauderdale offering mold testing and cleaning in affected areas of south Florida including homes and commercial properties. The company is certified with an experience of more than 14 years in this industry.one of the critical tasks performed by this company besides mold cleaning is to evaluate possible causes of mold and its effects to the environment together with elimination measures.

Having been in this industry for close to eight years, Advanced MicroClean is sure to deliver quality work with no setbacks. They mostly deal with mold inspection, cleaning and also removal.

4.Florida Mold Stoppers

Also based in Fort Lauderdale, this company uses an exclusive “Green” method which includes some powerful disinfectants to clean up mold in homes, schools, industrial buildings, and commercial property. It also strives to ensure that such a problem does not recur since it is risky.

Services offered by this company include mold inspection, cleaning, removal, and prevention of molds. The company has experienced personnel capable of removing the most stringent mold like the black mold.

We understand that mold is harmful and failure to clean up before it gets worse leads to spread of this fungi. Peoples health is affected at large which may lead to severe illnesses. Thus, it is fundamental to clear mold as soon as you realize its presence in your buildings.