Home Exterior Design Ideas


Designing the exterior of your home shouldn’t be an afterthought. Instead, the exterior should be a part of your plans overall for the home and thus be an integral part of it. The home exterior plays a big role in setting up the tone and image for your property since it’s often the first thing that people notice about it.

Have in mind that here, as with any other design project, you could follow a lot of recent and exciting trends, but in the end, it’s a home in which you will live for years, and it’s best to go for the timeless look.

Bar on the porch

There are many ways to design a porch and they don’t have to be boring or ordinary. Instead, you should try to make this part of your home both aesthetically pleasing and somewhat useful. Both are accomplished when you add a bar to the porch.

This could be done with a simpler bar made out of wood that you could easily disassemble once you want to change things up or you could go with a brick bar, which will become a permanent fixture.

Enclosed patio


An enclosed patio is a great addition to your home because it adds a lot of versatility. You could use it as an outdoor dining room or you could treat it like any other patio with their characteristic design. The main issue with such design is the fact that these patios tend to be over-lit and may be difficult to use in the summer.

This can be prevented by ordering plantation shutters from Sydney, but also by making sure that the whole patio is designed to help you deal with the heat and the lighting. That means focusing on light colors and comfy furniture most of all.

Water features

Water features aren’t that easy to install and they could transform your yard altogether, mostly because they create a more serene look while allowing you to cool off during hot summers. This doesn’t have to be a pool; a lot can be accomplished with smaller features as well.

For instance, you could install a small pond which is the easiest option at least when it comes to maintaining. However, even these small ponds need to be drained during the winter if the temperature drops below freezing.

A well-kept lawn


This doesn’t seem like a very exciting option, but it’s the most common one and that’s not without a reason behind it. This creates a simple clean-cut look that works well with any design and that doesn’t require that much thought or work to keep it just perfect.

That little work that needs to be done is mostly about choosing the right grass and making sure that you’re cutting it on a regular basis. Besides that, you also need to make sure the lawn is watered in accordance with your weather and the sort of grass you’ve chosen.


The home exterior is how people form their first opinion of your property and it should be taken seriously. There are also a few additions that could make your home more versatile and better for entertaining guests that are also better for the design as a whole.

When you’re choosing an exterior, you should also have in mind that trends are of little value in this regard since you’ll probably use your home for decades and trends come and go. That’s why a neatly cut lawn goes a long way in this regard. In the end, you might want to consider adding a cooling water features as well.