How to Choose Home Security Cameras


Home security is always on top of everyone who owns a house. In the past, people used to hire people to stay at the gate to protect their house during the night but all thanks to the technology, there are now cameras that you can use for your home.

Many of these cameras have motion sensors and an alarm alert which is very useful.

If you have decided to install your home with surveillance cameras, there are major factors you need to consider first before going to purchase the cameras. Do you want to install them inside the house or outside the house or maybe both inside and out?

After you have decided where you the surveillance cameras to be installed, the next step is to consider the following before purchasing.

1. Price

As every surveillance camera has different capabilities, they also have different prices. Do not go for the cheapest and neither should you go for the most expensive. Instead, you should look for an affordable one which can easily be installed.

Most people prefer wireless surveillance cameras but they are a bit expensive compared to wired surveillance cameras.

Wireless cameras transmit their footage through the WI-FI and some of them store the footage into the cloud which you will have to pay for their services.

If you decide to go with the wired ones, all you will need is a spacious hard drive to record the footage. You won’t be needing the services of the cloud. (You will end up saving yourself some money. Score!)

2. Installation

If you want to install the surveillance cameras, it would be a better idea you try the wireless cameras for they are easy to install and have a nice resolution. (This doesn’t mean the wired ones have a poor resolution)


The wireless surveillance cameras transmit their footage through WI-FI so you should have a stable connection to make sure there is no footage that you will lose.

3. Camera capabilities

Thanks to technology, cameras nowadays have a very high resolution. Not only that, some of them have motion sensors and can set off the alarm in case they sense a suspicious activity or motion. How cool is that?

Some of them can be able to see in the dark (things just get better and better) making you feel secure even at night and the lights are switched off.

4. Cameras’ resolution

Different cameras have different resolutions. When you go to purchase a surveillance camera for your home, you have to be keen on the resolution of the camera to make sure you get the best footage that you won’t have to struggle to see when watching the footage.

As you know you, your family and house are safe, you are able to relax more and channel your energy in more activities. What’s better than knowing even if you are not near your home, you have a second eye watching for your home and family?