Is Hurricane Proof Glass Bullet Proof?

For people who live in Miami understand the kind of storms and hurricanes they experience, for that reason they have invested in hurricanes proof windows to offer protection against the heavy storms.

During storms, there is always strong wind of over 160 mph which carries debris that a normal window cannot withstand, and hence there is need to install a unique window know as hurricane proof windows which offer proper protection during hurricanes.

Window impact

Miami homeowners use hurricane proof windows basically for protection, most people wonder, Is Hurricane proof glass bullet Proof? The answer is YES a hurricane proof window can be advanced to a bullet proof window.

For people who live in a high crime area, they can also use hurricane windows to offers protection although bulletproofs windows are more reinforced to offers proper resistance against a bullet.

Below is a more detailed explanation to explain how the two types of windows are constructed to offers protection against storms for hurricanes proof windows and to offers protection against bullet for bulletproof windows.

– Hurricane proof windows.

Hurricane proof windows are made with special reinforcement of two or more layers of glass that is laminated and compacted together correctly. Due to this compaction impact windows do not shutter upon impact but they remain strong and impact.

Hurricane proof windows have been made to withstand any form of debris that is carried by strong wind during a storm, hence ensuring the safety of your interior house and your family as well while inside the home.

Hurricane windows are also properly compacted to ensure that the panes cannot break as an influence of strong wind or debris which in turn may cause severe injuries to anybody nearby by.

– Bulletproof windows.

Bulletproof windows are used in places that are of high crime, and they are not secure, just like hurricane-proof window a bulletproof window may be made of several laminated glasses that is compacted together although the layers of the glasses may be more as compared to hurricane windows to ensure more resistance.

Alternatively, bullet proof windows may be made of solid acrylic of varying thickness which may be opaque and hence you cannot see through when the window is closed.
Hurricane proof windows can be used as bulletproof windows only when the thickness is increased to a width that can withstand the force of a bullet.

– Impact testing to differentiate between bulletproof window and hurricane proof window.

The two types of windows are meant to provide protection, and hence it is important to carry out an impact testing to gauge the level and type of security your window can offer. When carrying out impact testing, you can use an object measuring 2*4 and around 10 pounds and use it to strike the window.

Impact testing is crucial before buying an impact window as it helps you know the type of force the window can withstand.It is now very clear that hurricane proof windows are bullet proof, but they are different in strength, having that bulletproof windows are thicker than hurricanes proof windows.