Mood-boosting Foods: Healthy Foods To Beat Low Mood

Dinner cooking ingredints. Raw uncooked salmon fish with vegetables, rice, herbs and spices over rustic wooden background

Come a time when we are low in mood, and we need to consume low-calorie foods that will keep the body warm and yet provide it with adequate nutrition. In fact, with the right kind of diet foods, one can cut down the risk for flu and colds and still provide much-needed work output in a day, and stay in shape. learn more here about the top four essential healthy foods to beat low mood.


Mushroom is an ideal diet food that has lean proteins and contains zero fats, cholesterol, and low carbohydrates. In fact, a mushroom is the only vegetable that contains Vitamin D in edible form. Studies have proved that Vitamin D plays a crucial role in strengthening the immune system of the body against disorders such as a common cold.


Also, vitamin D improves the mood by enhancing the amount of serotonin, which in turn, provides a feel-good factor to the brain. Deficiency of this useful vitamin during the winter season can also give rise to SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This low-calorie food can be a tasty addition to soups and stews.


An egg is another diet food that is ideal for beating the bad mood. It contains nine essential amino acids and has six grams of high-quality protein.

This diet food is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that act as natural mood lifters and help to get rid of depression.

While consuming low-calorie foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids is essential throughout the year, it is more crucial in winter. The reason is that people experience more depression during the winter season. Eggs also contain 0.9 μ of Vitamin D.


Another fantastic diet food that can perk up your health this winter is fish. Fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and zinc, which makes it a healthy food during this cold season. Zinc enhances the production of white blood cells that protects the body against infection. Omega 3 fatty acids, as discussed earlier, act as natural mood-lifters during the winter season.

Chicken soup

Research studies have proved that chicken soup contains anti-inflammatory properties, which restrain the activities of neutrophils. It can be mentioned here that neutrophils are active during flu or cold, and they churn out the mucus that irritates the throat, nasal passages and sinuses.


This diet food usually contains garlic that has antiviral and antibacterial properties. These properties, in turn, help people to get rid of cold and flu. Chicken is also rich in vitamin E, selenium-both of which pep up the immunity system.

It is essential to consume low-calorie foods throughout the year to be fit and keep oneself in shape. However, do not forget to include the above-mentioned diet foods in the winter to be well protected against the extreme temperature and bad mood.