Where Are You On The Divorce Stress Scale?


I believe it is true to say that divorce can be a stressful event in one’s life. For many, it’s by far the most stressful occasion they could possibly encounter. For that reason, it makes sense that divorce places anybody dissolving a marriage at some risk of disorder. The more stressful your divorce, the more probable it is that sickness will probably accompany.

How to Measure Stress

In 1967, two psychiatrists, Richard Rahe and Thomas Holmes wanted to learn whether or not there was a link between stress and disease. They analyzed the documents of 5,000 individuals and found that really a life stressor of any sort was present in most scenarios.


Also it’s intended to measure how probable it is you will get sick. Anyone scoring 150 or not just has a small danger of sickness, 150 to 300 is in average risk of becoming sick and people with a score on 300 confront a considerable risk of getting sick.

I believe that scale is helpful as a guide, but you will find many lifestyle stressors which aren’t on the scale I think should be. Living with pain is 1 example.

Anxiety is a stressor and also makes everything we do tougher. In addition, I believe that it’s intriguing to understand there are a few positive lifestyle incidents on the scale which appear as stressful like using an outstanding personal accomplishment (rating of 28) or holiday (13). read more here.

The Divorce-Stress Scale


Assess all variables that apply to your scenario before 24 months. Circle the rating of the variable. In case you’ve experienced these events twice, multiply that amount by two (or 3 or however many times you have gotten it). As soon as you’ve circled each of the amounts that use, put them up and apply the scale below to ascertain how likely you are to get ill.

• 1000 or more – get to your doctor now

• 601 – 999 – extremely high risk of illness

• Between 301 and 600 – high likelihood of illness

• Below 300 – moderate chance of sickness